Soaring with the Eagles: A Look at Double Eagle Very Rare 2020 Bourbon


Double Eagle Very Rare 2020 Bourbon

For bourbon enthusiasts, few bottles hold the allure of the Double Eagle Very Rare 2020. This limited-edition release from Buffalo Trace Distillery is a masterpiece of patience and craftsmanship, offering a taste unlike any other.

Twice the Age, Double the Prestige

The Double Eagle lives up to its name by boasting a remarkable 20 years of aging. This is double the time spent maturing compared to the standard Eagle Rare 10-year bourbon. Those extra years spent slumbering in oak barrels weave a complex tapestry of flavors, promising a truly extraordinary experience.

A Collector’s Dream

Beyond its exceptional taste, the Double Eagle Very Rare is a collector’s dream. Only 199 bottles were ever produced, each presented in a luxurious silver box and adorned with a stunning crystal decanter. The decanter itself features not one, but two beautifully sculpted crystal eagles – a fitting tribute to the bourbon’s name. To add to the exclusivity, every bottle comes with an individually numbered letter of authenticity, solidifying its place among treasured possessions.

A Hint of What Awaits

Buffalo Trace offers some tasting notes to pique our curiosity. The Double E-agle Very Rares is said to be surprisingly balanced despite its extended aging. Hints of vanilla, toasted oak, and caramel give way to a gracefully aged oaky flavor, promising a richness and depth that can only come from time.

A Rare Opportunity

While finding a bottle of Double E-agle V 2020 might be a challenge due to its limited release, the hunt itself can be part of the allure. For those lucky enough to acquire one, it represents a chance to savor a piece of bourbon history – a testament to the art of whiskey making and the enduring legacy of the Buffalo Trace Distillery.


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