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Elijah Craig 18yr Single Barrel

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Elijah Craig 18yr Single Barrel

Bottled solely from the contents of one expertly chosen barrel, this expression of Elijah Craig is the pinnacle of Bourbon craftsmanship. Bold, robust, and incredibly complex, 18-Year-Old presents a rare and unique opportunity to sip some of the oldest Bourbon in Kentucky. Elijah Craig 18yr Single Barrel

Nose – Warming and deliciously rich, Elijah Craig 18 Year starts off incredibly strong. Orange, chocolate, toasted oak, honey, vanilla, and custard form an aroma that leaps from the glass. Its sweetness is perfectly tempered against hearty oak notes creating an amazingly balanced nose.

Palate – Equal amounts of vanilla and oak form the palate’s foundation, with light brown sugar, caramel, and a fruit salad-like pop of sweetness joining in. The oak remains throughout, but is kept in check thanks to the palate’s fruitier side. The result is a very likable medium-bodied palate that is a crowd-pleaser at heart.

Finish – Heavy oak pulls forward during the finish and quickly overtakes many of the palate’s fruitier flavors. There’s a dankness that lingers, and while it’s not overpowering, it is quite noticeable. It doesn’t completely derail the finish, but takes an excellent bourbon down a notch.



The bourbon opens with as classic a nose as you can get for an 18 year old bourbon from Kentucky. Oak and caramel are in perfect balance, which are joined with vanilla cream, crème brûlée, and a touch of brown sugar which help add additional depth and sweetness. A subtle apple cinnamon crumble adds slight intrigue. The scents are all nicely integrated, producing an aroma that starts the sip off on the right foot.


The extended time spent aging in the barrel is noticeable as dry aged oak immediately fights forward. Riding behind it are vanilla powder along with cinnamon spiced apples and a dab of brown sugar. Light rye bread and white peppercorn spice notes join the fray to help add additional depth. It’s a subtle delivery overall, with the bourbon’s 90 proof points doing just enough to highlight a nice diverse flavor set, but doing little to amplify their presence. This also causes the overall mouthfeel to be slightly on the thin side.


Rye spice pushes its way to the front to kick off the finish. Entering behind this spice note are subtle vanilla cream and aged oak. Flashes of cinnamon cake and a touch of leather add additional depth. As the flavors fade, rye spice and dry oak remain intertwined and linger on a wave of gentle heat. It’s a really nice way to end the sip and, thankfully, makes up for the lull that’s encountered at the midpoint.


The Elijah Craig family of bourbon is deep and diverse. From their standard small batch series, their toasted offering, to their ongoing batched barrel proof series, which happened to be our #1 Whiskey of the Year in 2023, the brand seems to offer something for everyone. However, none of those are aged in oak for the extreme amount of time that Elijah Craig 18 Year is.

Outside of Heaven Hill, you find few higher-aged bourbon offerings coming from Kentucky. While you have Eagle Rare 17 and Pappy Van Winkle 20 and 23, and other limited releases from time to time, these whiskeys are nearly unobtainable to most consumers. As a result, the closest comparison is Knob Creek 18 Year. However, being a batched product versus a single barrel product affords that bourbon to deliver a more consistent drinking experience to the entire consumer set who purchases a bottle.

Being a single barrel, each barrel of Elijah Craig 18 Year will be slightly different. While the nose may be slightly better for one, or the palate better for another, for the most part, Elijah Craig 18 Year typically delivers a solid and consistent drinking experience. It treads the line nicely between highlighting the additional time spent aging in barrels without becoming over-oaked. Higher age in no way equates to a better tasting bourbon, but for those who do chase age statements, few high aged bourbons deliver the drinking experience that Elijah Craig 18 Year does.

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